The Best Crossbody Phone case in Black Friday

    Trendy Crossbody Phone Cases with Unique Styles-Best Choise in Black Friday

    Custype Black Friday Deal Up to 15% off

    Black Friday doesn't happen too often which is why we introduce and bring to you the most recommended products from Custype to make your Black Friday shopping worthwhile. The greatest deals with the best quality, reasonable price, and extra stylish and trendy items.

    Make the most out of Black Friday by availing of the best phone casing and accessory items that are worth the price of your purchases through their incomparable durability and beauty!

    Custype Black Friday iPhone case deal


    The fact that you can wear and incorporate these elegant phone cases with straps into your clothing for a more attractive and glamorous finish makes them incredibly functional. It may keep your phone safe from tumbling as it is securely fastened around your neck or body with the utmost elegance, giving it a container.
    Custype Future X iPhone cross body case set in black















    Compact and Durable

    This phone bag accessory's robust, sleek, and strong strap feels lightweight whether worn across the body or as it hangs by your neck, providing HANDS-FREE SECURITY and ULTRA PROTECTION for your iPhone.

    Custype iPhone case accessories

    Secure Locking and Holding

    These phone cases from Custype provide the most stylish ULTRA PROTECTION for your iPhone. You don't need a larger bag to serve as a phone holder or a place to store your phone. You can hang it across your body at any time without concern in these circumstances, which give you a firm and sturdy hold. Two sturdy and stylish gold chain links securely connect the strap and phone case without having to worry about them breaking.

    Custype Future X crossbody iPhone in black


    Strap comes with an Adorable Bag Accessory Bag

    This crossbody phone case is more than just a case for your phone; it also contains a little, circular, useful bag that dangles from its strap that you can use to keep various phone accessories like USB cords, charging adapters, or earphones.

    Custype round bag pouch in black

    Stylish and Trendy

    With their gorgeous semi-tufted surface textures, DIY styling, chainlink handles, and extremely stylish straps, these crossbody phone cases feature the most opulent designs of any crossbody phone cases.

    See these products below and get fascinated by the different options and find the perfect phone holder for your Black Friday shopping satisfaction:

    Lychee Rivet case Set

    This phone case has a strap that is completely stylish that's surely able to give a gleaming design with its decorative gold rivet studs perfect to give a glow even to your simplest outfits. Thus, it is highly versatile and comfortable when worn because it is adjustable, and has two durable lock chain links keeping the phone case connected to the strap securely. See the item here: It's Me-Lychee Rivet Case Set 

    Custype Lychee Rivet iPhone case set in black

    Lychee case Set

    With its slim and thin strap, you will definitely feel lightweight! Plus, it is also adjustable and a slim straps for a neck phone holder are connected with durable metal chain links that lock the case from the strap giving the ultimate security in a stylish way. See the item at this link: It's Me-Lychee Case Set

    Custype Lychee iPhone case set

    Custype it's me lychee iPhone crossbody case set

    Argyle case AirPods pouch set

    Its strap comes with a durable golden metal chain link that locks and connects the phone casing to the strap giving it a premium quality compact and intact security. The phone case with strap also has a cute AND FUNCTIONAL ROUND pouch for safekeeping your phone accessories like AirPods, chargers, or chords. See the item here: Argyle Case Airpods Pouch Set 

    Custype Argyle iPhone case airpods pouch

    Passion DIY Case

    The Passion case has a trendy and vibrant appeal and has a slim strap for a neck phone holder. But it lets you comfortably and dynamically hang around with your phone so safe around your body and neck. Furthermore, you can customize the letters at their handles with whichever words you like!              See the lovely diy crossbody iPhone case here: DIY Passion Case

    Custpye Passion iPhone case
    Custype Passion DIY iPhone crossbody case in black

    Simple ring case

    This casing has a classy leather-like structure, giving your phone more protection and HANDS-FREE SECURITY from intense impacts. It also comes with a purse so you can go handily everywhere, bringing your cards and money bills while completely and fashionably feeling light! 
    See the Phone wallet case at this link: Simple Ring Case

    Custype Simple ring iPhone case

    Custype Simple ring iPhone holder case in beige

    Make Lifestyle-chain case

    Aside from the neck phone holders and phone case with straps, give your iPhone an elegant level of protection and security through the Make Lifestyle phones chain case. You will never see another opulent phone case pouch like this phone case with a gold chain link bracelet handle. This chain phone case is ultimately a lifestyle because of its trendy, classic, and luxurious designs. Plus, it also comes with a purse at the back! The chain is connected through a metal ring and inserted into a durable leatherette loop for heavy-duty phone ULTRA PROTECTION safekeeping performance.
    See the item here: Make Lifestyle-chain case

    Custype Make lifestyle chain iPhone wallet case