What Should You Prepare For iPhone 14

    With the iPhone 14 series is coming soon, what accessories should you prepare for your iPhone 14?

    When getting a brand new iPhone 14, most people will consider how to better protect the phone from damage, first of all a screen film for all-round protection, followed by a case which have both functional and chic overlook.

    Custype crossbody iPhone case will be your best choice!

    • The Practicality Of The Product

    With a Custype Crossbody iPhone Case, you only need to worry about is the weight of your iPhone, a few cards, and possibly your keys (if you choose to attach a key chain to your lanyard phone case). Now the hectic tiring days have gone. You can easily carry the Custype Crossbody iPhone Case wherever you go and travel and never afraid to lose your iPhone.

     Custype Lychee crossbody iPhone case

    • Natural Phone Case

    A natural case is sustainable and eco-friendly for using. Custype has always been concerned about global warming and ecological protection, the Earth needs to be protected by human beings. Therefor we choose the materials are conducive to recycling and microfiber environmentally friendly materials, no need to worry about any harm to the environment or human body. Durable and wear-resistant materials also can be used for a long time, at the meantime it can be reduced waste.

    Custype Argyle Crossbody iPhone case

    • Good Cord for protect your shoulder

    Custype cares a lot about user experience and constantly optimizes the product and improves the comfort of use based on customer suggestions.
    The newly wider adjustable shoulder strap design allows you to carry even a phone case loaded with multiple cards or cash without any burden to roam freely go and run.
    Ergonomically built adjustable hole buckle, suitable for any people, whether in the party or running, the shoulder strap will not let you feel any discomfort.
    Custype crossbody strap made up of an excellent texture with good and handy features to protect it from being worn out.

    Custype Argyle Crossbody iPhone Case

    • Pocket For Your Cards 

    Custype has a patented design and a unique style that lasts forever which designed for wallet case is the first original style that can hold few cards and has RFID lining fabric to prevent thieves from swiping, so it can avoid any damage to your property, and the high-quality YKK zipper protects your privacy in all aspects.
    Multi-layer card slots can load all your daily essential bank cards and a small amount of cash, It has good space to store all your essential documents, really realize the freedom of hands, easy go, carry less.


    Custype Crossbody iPhone Case white

    A phone case with a necklace or a strap is the one that you can easily wrap around your neck to keep your fingers free and unrestricted as you go about your business. A cross body phone case is useful if you're constantly working or wandering around and don't want to carry your phone with you. You might find it beneficial to wear it around your neck all the time so you always know where it is and can easily grab it when you need it.

    Moreover, another reason why I choose the Custype crossbody phone case is that they are easy to source and are appealing to people who are looking to inject some individuality and extra functionality into the product they are using.

    Do not hesitant anymore, pick one for your iPhone 14.