Free Your Hands Halloween-Custype iPhone case

    Nice treat for an iPhone trick.

    Trick or treat in the coldest of nights has provided the warmest and brightest smiles as kids and kids alike roam and be free. But as we accompany our younger friends and kids too, taking pictures for instagram and recording some for tiktok as we bring our phones with us is a must. Our smartphones, regardless of the brand, have been an extension of ourselves, a reflection of the values we celebrate and do. So when we dress for for any occassion, it is also proper and cool for our phones to glam up too. Halloween and Holidays are around the corner. So, if its a bit too much to dress for it when we do our work, maybe we can have our phones make up for it and show our smart and creative side by flashing that glittery trick-of-the-phone treat-for-eyes thing.

    So, did we pick your interest? What kind of style or color? Does your phone need a classic or a loud vibe? an avant garde touch? And what theme, mild colors for a friendly type or the likes of neon for extremes? Your phone has been helping you 24/7 a lot these days so maybe it's time for some good treat! In this short article please join us as we traverse through the Holiday cyber street in search for the best treats for our tricky phones! We have identified some phone casing brands to check out for designs and their big functionality that surely will do a lot of help, we cannot cover every brand so we only picked some properly thought-of case design with real-world functionality - smart cases for smart phones.
    Custype DIY iPhone holder case
    In this article we have decided to observe three criterias or areas where we can use to categorize, classify, and rank which designs we think are best of for having being the best choice for iphone cases. Form and Function is our first. We'd like to see designs that are smart enough to bring out compelling designs without compromising build quality. Coherent Design lands second, as we also wanted to see which designs are most creative and precise. Lastly, simplicity, something that has been part of the landscape, we have a lot of consumers that really go for the simple and elegant design to glam up their phones. So for combination of fashion, aesthetics and practicality, being the best iPhone case should be easy. The following case we will tackle complies with our criteria not only for having the best halloween design but also applicable for a number of occessions and seasons.


    Functionality is our first point of criteria. We looked out for functional designs that are smart enough to express clever and attractive designs without compromising the strenght and durability of the case. Our focus here is the functional advantages in relation to the design. It is important to note that what we have in mind in using these types of cases is during parties and social engagements which entails a lot of movements and risks. Form and function puts to focus the smart practicality Here are some form and function we thought should be on the criteria in choosing what's most compatible design for you.


    This could be the Cruella De Vil of the smartphones, as the famous villain is particular to skin and opulence in both art and fashion, white and black, this particular design from Custype might do the job well. The Custype Halloween Deal Bangle Case, metal and white leather-type iPhone wallet case. the Metallic gold matched by the white leather provides a smart and high-end feel and aura to the phone as much as it will add that extra prestige to the person carrying it. The small back pocket or wallet provides a smat functionality for storage of essentials like cards, and other stuff whenever you are on the go, making you carry less, especially when you will be having a lot of socials or engagements. The posh white leather-like material that hugs the entire phone exudes an atmosphere of smart prestige. The design is simple and elegant but smart at the same time.

    Custype Bangle iPhone Wallet Case


    This might be a smart choice. For really living up to the good blend of form and function. The Custype iPhone crossbody case: "It's me lychee set" is a complete Strap + Bag + Case + Back pocket combination of good design and practical functionality. The designers are well aware of how too many stuff can be a hindrance to enjoying your parties or a simple walk outsie. By cleverly putting a round bag attached to the body strap will carry essential items seaprately from the phone. On the end of the strap is the beautiful iphone case with back pocket to carry your cards, this allows a more convenient way of doing transactions in style instead of moving your bulky bag upfront and exposing all the contents inside as you reach for your cards or even your phone for the cashless transaction.
    Custype Its Me iPhone Crossbody Case Set


    Custype case "Future X Crocodile Crossbody phone Case with strap and wallet" which by the way is all white really screams form and substance. For the sophisticated erudite this could be a match that addresses so many needs, that comes from a single package. Your phone, a storage in it, and the strap for convenience and portability is a smart move if you will hit the streets to party or to trick. To add to the smart look is the smart substance of it, this case features RFID blocking and Hands-free portability due to the strap, Eco-friendly materials and it is completely hand-made.

    Custype Its Me Lychess Crossbody iPhone case


    This particular criteria focuses on the coherence of the design with the season and specifically with Halloween Trick or treat tradition. This criteria is about how much halloween is celebrated in the case design. It could be loud, it could be a bit on the conservative side or it could simply be a well mannered Halloween design.

    One of the best design is by a bold name or text statement. For those who wanted to make a clear statement or change words depending on mood or season, Custype has a gorgeous design exactly made for the erudite of words and names. The Custype DIY iPhone case. The case has an installed black leather strap on the back to carry the letters or shape which are also available from Custype.
    Custype Alphabet Black iPhone Diy Holder Case


    Let us not forget that halloween season is also celebrated by the shy types, introverts and those who really don't socialize that much. To the bravery and courage they are about to show there are specific designs that really celebrate but in a more simplified way. More mannered and silent but beautiful in its own design and features.

    Sometimes practicality means putting two separate functions into a single item. Like purse or round bag and your smart phone. This particular design is best for those who transact cashless or basically you can almost anything outside through you iphone. The strong but elegant white case comes with a choice of a body strap or a purse strap making a purse bag treatment to your phone as you gop your way. The design of the case which comes in a reasonable sizing for iphones may well look better than a luxury purse bag.




    There are a lot of designs out there, too many to cover in a single go. But given the criterias we mentioned through this article we hoped we have made your plans of glamming up your phones more interesting and more informed. Hey, as we have mentioned in the earlier parts of this writing our phones, smart or not, are our extensions, they perform tasks for us 24/7. Sometimes how we treat the extensions of ourselves, our phones in this case, reflects how we take care of ourselves too. And it is very important to be smart and balanced in taking care of ourselves. Custype, pela and some welll-received brands are among the brands who did a serious look into putting substance in the form, and adding beauty to functionality, this clearly is a good sign that purchasing with these criterias in mind ensures the peace of mind that our phones are taken care of properly especially in times of activities or whichever season we celebrate.

    To our readers, that was a rather short trip through the halloween alley, we hoped we were able to add not only to your excitement but also to your awareness of some great designs out there that is ready and available to rock your phones a good look!

    By RedOwl