Must-Have Daily-life iPhone Case Accessories for Fall 2022

    The accessories market is booming.  Quote from vogue “11 New Accessory Trends for the Spring 2022 Season "

    As the article said, accessories have gradually become a must-have in people's daily decoration, and the Custype phone case is such a presence that enhances the overall taste.

    Whether you want to dress casually or you are tired of the current way of dressing, adding an eye-catching phone case will give you endless ideas, you just need a minimal effort required.

    • A phone case designed for combining the functional and fashion style

    Metallic is the most popular accessory color in 2022, this Custype Simple Ring Case features buttons and 360 rotatable ring holder in a matte metallic color configuration, with smooth-touch apricot premium leather, whether on the go or everyday in use. Wallet phone case design built-in three-layer card slot can meet daily needs.

    I am a very busy professional woman and often go out by temporary. Once I forgot to bring my backpack led to missing the appointment with my client. After I used the Custype Simple Ring Wallet Case, there are no such worries anymore.-From Custype Customer Jennifer Kerr

    Custype iiPhone Case Simple RingCustype Simple ring iPhone wallet case
    • keep your Phone safe and protect your data 

    Personal information theft or card skimming is not uncommon in the 21st century. How to protect your card information is crucial. The wrap-around Ykk zipper wallet iPhone case is fully enclosed to hold your bank cards or cash, and the built-in RFID lining fabric prevents thieves from using high technology to fraudulent your card.

    A small design can avoid big losses, quality products can let you use with confidence.

     Custype Bangle iPhone case collection:With different circle accessories, suitable to match any occasion, easy to install and lift your life.

    Custype Bangle iPhone caseCustype Bangle iPhone Wallet Case



    • Stay connection with your iPhone

    Custype crossbody iPhone case

    We are always looking for products that can balance fashion and practicality, with the main objective of designing simple and timeless functional phone cases.

    A iPhone case with more texture and avant-garde design than the ordinary cases you usually see.
    So this is the moment when Custype Metal iPhone case was born.

    Connecting the minimalist wallet case with the crossbody strap, how to maximize and exaggerate the details with the advantage of simplicity.

    No longer to carry a bag when you go out, no longer to look for your phone at all times, an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure that your device is always within reach and free your hands.

    Custype Metal iPhone Case Custype Metal iPhone Case

    In the field of crossbody iPhone cases, Custype has always wanted to express our love for fashion, quality and details, trust Custype, we are always on the way.