Top 5 iPhone Crossbody Cases To Use In 2021

    If you’re looking for crossbody iphone cases,we have everything you would need. From plain simple covers to aesthetic and colourful cases,we got it all. Custype provides you with quality and ease of use all in one package.

     After years of research and manufacturing experiments,we have succeeded in making the great phone cross-body case that offers you everything you need. Our cases provide you with great protection, shock-absorbing qualities, quality, style, colours, comfort and ease of use.

     All of our products are highly popular among the audience and loved by the users. But today, we are going to present to you our best 5 cases in 2021 that match the most contemporary styles and give you a genuinely attractive vibe.

    So without any further ado, let us have a look at the Top 5 cross-body iPhone Cases To Use In 2021.

    1. Ripple iPhone Case-White/Pink/Blue

    Ripple by Custype is a pure sense of elegance and class. As is evident by the name, the ripple texture offers you a super smooth touch. This leather iPhone case is pure evidence of supreme quality, which will last you a lifetime.

     The pure leather build with solid stitching makes it durable and robust as well as prepares it to withstand all weather conditions. Hence, ensuring that your case remains in pristine condition even when you take it out in rough weather.
    Custype Ripple Crossbody iPhone Case White

    In addition, with the extensive colour choice between white, pink, and blue, you can choose the most suitable one for your style. Or better still, have all of them and allow variations in your class.

    2. Lizard iPhone Case-Black/White

    If you are a fan of luxurious items with a lush and expensive feel, this cover has it all for you. The leather texture is super smooth to touch. This iPhone case with strap is your best partner to protect your phone and have a stylish look along with it.

     The holder case for iPhone 12 pro max and holder case for iPhone 13 pro max is a fantastic option for those who want to pair style and ease of use. The cover also allows wireless charging. Besides, the leather strap converts into a stand for easy use.

    Custype Lizard Holder iPhone Case Black/White

    You also have a choice between white and black colours to match your attire. Or you can buy both of them and alter them each day to match or contrast your outfit to give a sexier appeal.

    3. Lychee iPhone Case-Black/White/Gold Rose

    The top texture lychee cover is a haven for those who want something unique and soft to touch. The iPhone wallet case leather is the best solution to easy storage and uncompromised style. It provides you with all the features and specs you might be looking for in an iPhone case.

    The wallet fits more than ten cards as well as a sim. You can store your cards, your money or other important stuff. The RFID Lining provides you with optimum protection for your belongings inside.

    Custype Lychee Crossbody iPhone Case White/Black/Gold Rose

    The iPhone wallet case with strap allows you to free up your hands by using the 51” long chain. This helps you to do multitask and keep your phone and other stuff close to you. Custype has put in a lot of effort in the manufacturing of this model, and it indeed is one of the best iPhone holder case MagSafe in 2021.

    4. Argyle iPhone Case-Black/Beige

    Custype offers you supreme luxury with this cross-body case iPhone 13 pro. The super-awesome iPhone case with card holder allows you to store your stuff securely while never compromising aesthetics and extreme comfort.

    If you want something handy and convertible, this cross-body case for iPhone must be your best choice. The case features a wallet that allows you to store cards, coins, cash and a lot more. The wallet is protected by all sides to make sure that external factors do not damage it.

    Custype Argyle Crossbody iPhone Case


    Furthermore, the 51-inch strap enables you to hang the phone across your body. Besides, the belt is detachable, so you can keep it as a mere phone case if you want to.

    5. Rainbow iPhone Case-Black/White

    For those of you who fathom a funky cover with many colours, this is the perfect pick for you. With a base colour choice between black and white, you can choose what fits your style in the best way.

    If you are looking for a complete package of fun, comfort, colours, and storage, the iPhone wallet case cross-body is the best contender for your competition. With a storage space allowing you to put in over ten cards, you have a decent amount of space to store your stuff in it.

    The contrasting golden zipper and chain adorn the look and add extra glamour to the overall appearance. Besides, the material shines under sunlight to give an appealing look. Coming on a perfect budget, this is your one-stop shop to get everything you want.

    Custype is proud to offer this variant, which is also one of the most popular among the audience.


    To put it all in a nutshell, these five models are the Top 5 cross-body iPhone Cases To Use In 2021. Let us know which case you like the most, and if you have already decided, make sure that you purchase it right away before it goes out of stock.

    We’d be grateful if you decide to leave a review of any product that you purchased. Besides, we are open to suggestions and recommendations, so make sure you contact us on the mentioned platforms if you have anything in your mind.

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