The Reason I Choose Custype Crossbody Phone Case

In recent years,In an era of global oversupply, there has been more and more attention surrounding young people and what makes them tick. The age of information has contributed to the perception that both Gen Z and millennials have a role in contributing to a better future. Regardless of what they decide to focus on, climate change and global warming have become a prevailing issue that stands to be reckoned with.we have witnessed people carrying fashionable phone cases, which is also convenient in many possible ways.Among them is the detachable Crossbody phone case with an adjustable strap. Crossbody can be turned into a purse case or a necklace case worn around the neck.

The new wave of fashionable tech gadgets like the chic case has caught the attention of several celebrities like Eva Longoria, Alessandra Ambrosio, etc.


1. Strap Case Can  Let Your Hands-Free

The customized phone case is suitable for anyone who would like to multitask and wish to stay in style. The detachable strap can be attached to the Custype Natural case and free your hands, ensuring that you can do your work without any hindrance. The strap is ensured with the same high quality that our customers seek at our store. The natural case has an RFID lining that protects everything from skimmers and comes in different designs that add to the fashion sense.

Custype Nature Crossbody iPhone Case

2. Protective Your iPhone

When choosing a phone case, people's primary dilemma is how well it will protect their iPhone. At Custype, we have got you covered. We assure our customers that you will not lose, drop, or even misplace your iPhone with our uniquely designed must-have cases.Our phone cases come with an adjustable strap, providing firm grip and support while holding it. This ensures the protectiveness of your phone. Our specialized iPhone cases can be found here. Our designs exhibit a unique fashion sense and functionality.

Custype Protective iPhone Case

3. All in one case

We also designed several phone cases with a sleek wallet at the back of the case that can be used for multiple purposes. They include storing credit cards, cash, driver's license, or even an ID. The purse case is suitable for those that recognize convenience and style. Such people allow themselves to express themselves freely by providing freedom of choice within their hearts.

An example is the simple ring case with features like the purse that can convert the Custype case into a standalone case.

Custype Simple Ring Case


Custype : An Original Case can lift your life

People who follow a lifestyle that leaves them out and about will find themselves at ease with our Custype phone cases. Hence, if you don't wish to carry your phone with you, our product would undoubtedly make your life trendy and accessible.

With its numerous features, our customized iPhone case will act as a reminder that your phone is secure and with you at all times. The detachable strap goes around your neck, which is easy to access.

Our product is of the finest quality, which provides you with a good grip, thus preventing your phone from slipping from your hands.

So don't hesitant anymore, go for Custype to get your first order now:)