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  Travel light, Explore free.


“Want to go explore the world, Custype gives you an adventure.”

Redefining freedom, removing all interference, and living a comfortable life that you like the most.

We advocates a simple and comfortable lifestyle, calling on people to   bravely explore a better life, actively discover and enjoy the products'   value.


"Custype has creative designs, make a difference."

Custype Original iPhone Case receives commands of exquisite handcraft and original creativity, integrates with modern, popular, and fashionable elements, pursues innovation and creativity persistently, and perfectly combines traditional handicraft and excellent raw materials, in order to craft the high-quality leather crossbody phone case.

"Fllow Custype and live with grace and ease."

Custype's Handmade case and straps, with characteristic grain, easily pair with our iPhone, keeping your hands free.

 A fantastic phone case can protect our phone well and let us place it as we like. When we are out and about, the round bag on the shoulder strap can hold the lipstick, keys, credit cards, and cash we need. We can work, shop, travel, and exercise with grace and ease. The mini purse can match our outfits and give us confidence in addition to elegance and ease. 



Custype has been inheriting the traditional craftsmanship of making leather since its foundation. We have rich experience and exquisite craftsmanship for making leather. We combine traditional craftsmanship and excellent raw materials to create high-quality leather phone cases.

We are now using microfiber leather as the material for our phone cases, which has the advantages of wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection, and beautiful appearance.

Why not genuine leather?
The cruelty and bloodshed behind every genuine leather product are something we don't want to see. Compared with genuine leather, microfiber is more environmentally friendly and odorless.

Why not plastic?
Producing plastic consumes more energy and resources. It takes 500 years for plastic products to decompose after they are discarded. Ironically, plastic products do not last as long and do not retain their beauty for as long as leather does.


Company Info:

Company Address(only for return address): Room D, 16th Floor, Hyde Centre, 18 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel :+86 17868142375
Contact email: Service@custype.com
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