About Custype

Brand Story:
「What exactly kind of life do customers need in a consumer society?」 We are living in an era of global oversupply. The creation and selection of all kinds of complicated items are all based on the sense of freshness of human beings. However, what kind of life do people truly need? We have begun to rethink the value orientation of consumer life, even the original birth of the brand: Custype.

At Custype, we advocates a simple and comfortable lifestyle, calling on people to bravely explore a better life, actively discover and enjoy the products' value, but do not give up the essence of the comfortable lifestyle because of indulging in its world of consumption. Stand for the simple and relaxing lifestyle is redefining freedom, removing all interference, and living a comfortable life that you like the most.

Custype aims to create convenient objects for users with unique aesthetics and creativity through insight into the quality details of mass consumption life, giving them the freedom of choice in their hearts, allowing people to express themselves more freely . Custype makes for a comfortable life.
Custype Original iPhone Case receives commands of the exquisite handcraft and great ingenious/original creativity, integrates with the modern, popular and fashionable elements, pursues the innovation and creativity persistently, perfectly combines the traditional handicraft and the excellent raw materials, in order to craft the high-quality leather crossbody phone case

Custype's sub-brand are ZVE, Lameeku, Cortailor. All brands are authorized. 
Travel light, Explore free.
“Want to go explore the world, Custype gives you an adventure”.

Company Info:
Company Address(only for return address): Room D, 16th Floor, Hyde Centre, 18 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel :+852 6264256
Contact email: Service@custype.com
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