☆ What size iPhones daes Custype fit?
Custype fits the following series of iPhones:
• iPhone XSM
• iPhone XR
• iPhone X /XS
• iPhone 11
• iPhone 11 Pro
• iPhone 11 Pro Max
• iPhone 12/12 Pro 
• iPhone 12 Pro Max
• iPhone 13
• iPhone 13 Pro
• iPhone 13 Pro Max

☆ Are Custype straps adjustable?
Custype straps are either fixed length or adjustable.

☆ Is the strap detachable from the case?
Sure! You can detach it and carry Custype like a regular phone case when you may not need the strap.

☆ What payment methods do you accept?
We accept major debit cards and credit cards (American Express, Mastercard and Visa), and PayPal.

☆ Do you accept AMEX Gift Card / Visa Gift card?
We are afraid we do not accept AMEX Gift Card / Visa Gift card.

☆ I received an error message when I checked out. What should I do? What does "Invalid transaction error" or "Something wrong with your credit card, please call card center for help: Transaction Not Allowed" mean?
If an error message occurs, this may be because:
• The debit card cannot be used for this type of payment
• Your bank has rejected the transaction due to suspicions of fraud
• The card is not activated for international transactions
Please use another card to resolve the problem. If the issue still persists, kindly contact your bank for assistance.

☆ When I proceed to checkout, it says “A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.” What should I do?
Please make sure all information entered is 100% correct and there are no spelling mistakes.
Please also avoid short forms of City, and do not include the State information within the City input box. If the details are right but still the payment cannot be made, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Still not getting your answers? Email us anytime at service@custype.com.